Solid Waste Management

Harmful Effects Of Solid Waste

Environmental pollution encompasses the different ways that the human activity damages the natural environment. It can be in the form of an open garbage dump or as simple as a burning house. Pollution can also be invisible, odourless, and tasteless, thus, making environmental pollution one of the most serious and insidious problems facing humanity and other life forms today. One of the chief sources and most visible forms of environmental pollution is solid waste. In order to reduce solid wastes, one has to understand the sources and volumes of solid waste generated by humans, and then the impacts and handling of the solid wastes. Only then can one begin to propose solutions to this environmental problem.

Negative Effects Of Waste Disposal

The waste situation around the world is definitely not looking any better. Many efforts are being done, however, these efforts still boil down to consumption behaviours. The fewer goods there are in production, the less waste there is. As such, not only is the waste affecting the world around, it definitely is getting to all of us. There are so many negative effects around especially with improper waste disposal. These are effects that you should avoid to maintain your health.

foul smell

One of the most obvious effects of garbage accumulation and further waste disposal is the presence of foul smell. Having foul odours around extremely affects everybody in the area. It affects the mood of everybody negatively. Take care of your garbage to avoid these smells.

Messy surroundings

Another effect of garbage disposal is messy surroundings. This is especially more noticeable for unsegregated garbage that’s dumped in an area without regard. Imagine all the space wasted to rubbish if you don’t dispose of them properly and in order.

Injuries and damages

One alarming effect of waste is actually the injury and damage it can pose to people nearby. If you’re disposing of garbage that’s prone to giving off injury and pain, like glass shards or some sharp thing, the people who will handle the waste can potentially get hurt. Pay special attention and disposal to these kinds of things included in your trash dump before having them for collection.

Soil contamination

Along with water contamination is soil contamination. Since bodies of water are near land sources, contamination’s from water can easily carry over to land. Soil compositions will change and shrubs growing near them can get affected too. Your plant sources might be in trouble if some hazardous liquid waste seeps through.

Benefits Of Solid Waste

Proper waste management can eliminate waste and minimize the intensity of greenhouse gases. Less methane and carbon monoxide in the air is good for the atmosphere. These harmful gases are emitted by wastes but recycling and reusing can reduce the impact. Recycling of the wastes can also help to reduce the amount of fossils fuels, as well as existing incineration and landfills, helping to create greener and cleaner atmosphere for all.  It is not possible to save the planet if each and every person on the planet don’t participate in it individually. Some of the benefits of waste management are discussed below:

Waste management is profitable deal

Waste management can be considered as an industry . But due to lack of proper consideration people don’t know about this industry. Recycling and reusing can be very useful if practiced can be a good business if invested properly. Government is forcing the industries to manage their wate products. So, various industries are looking for such waste industries to work with. They are even ready for long term investment with the industries to manage their waste.

Reduces environment pollution

Waste are the major pollution creator. Waste management if done properly can be beneficial for the environment. Actually, waste management is done for the protection of environment and reduction of pollution. Most of the gases which are responsible for pollution in the environment are originated from the waste products of the environment.

Awareness about the planet

The population is increasing rapidly. It seems the earth will not be able to support life if the population goes on increasing in the same ratio. But we can save the planet and make it able to support life for some more time. Waste management is the most important factor to consider for saving the planet. Managing the waste can teach a lesson to the upcoming generation to protect the environment by the mean of waste management. For better awareness we can involve them from the early age and let them practice the saving of the planet. They can follow the waste management and can save the planet to forward it to their generation and can hopefully sustain life on it.

Gives job and employment

Waste management can be beneficial to human beings in various aspects. One of them is the economical aspect. Waste management can create employment opportunities. For managing the waste materials, a huge amount of labouring is also required. For labouring, people are hired. This creates jobs. It requires participation of people from collection of the waste to the final management. Very step of waste management requires involvement of man power. For every step few people are assigned. Collectively, a large number of people are given jobs for the work to be done.