Project Title: Why Waste Your Waste

Brief description

The aim of this project is to study solid waste management and recycling in Nigeria, U.S.A, UK, Sweden, Uganda, China and Italy, with regards to their sources, harmful effects and benefits including how they can be turned into gold.

months and duration of activity

March to April (3months)

Classes &No. of Students


learning outcomes

By the end of the activity the students will be able to:


Discover the varieties of solid wastes found in Nigeria, U.S.A, UK, Sweden, Uganda, China and Italy.


Perform waste materials craft activities to demonstrate the reuse of various wastes.


Appreciate the economic importance of recycling these wastes and turning them into gold as a means of revenue generation.


The students will gather information on different types of solid waste found in Nigeria, U.S.A, UK, Sweden, China, Uganda and Italy. They will classify the solid wastes from the different countries. They will collect information on solid wastes from different sources noting how they vary from one country to another.

Students will study various harmful effects of different solid wastes to the environment of the different countries of study. They will compare the harmful effect of their solid wastes with that of the partner school. They will also offer suggestions on how the harmful effect can be reduced in the partner’s school country. The students will engage in solid waste material craft activities which can be used to generate income in different countries.

They will share their findings with the students in the partner’s school in a common blog.

Countries Covered In The Activity For Study

Nigeria, California, UK, Sweden, Italy, China and Uganda.

months and duration of activity

March to April (3months)

Teacher’s Responsible

Mr Olufowobi

 Mr Emeghara

 Mr Ogunjere

Mr Okusanya

Mr Elias

Evaluation Methods To Measure The Learning Outcome Among Students.

  • Feedback questionnaire
  • Peer Assessment
  • Teacher’s Report
  • Student’s Presentation
  • Notice Board Display

Evidences To Be Provided In The Portfolio

Photographs, Snapshots of the Blog, Email exchanges with Partner school, Evaluation Sheet, Feedback Form by Teachers, Whatsapp group, Student and Teachers’ Report.

Meet The Team​

The Onyx team members